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Our product, under the brand name MEDOLIVA PLUS, is produced according to a process, developed by the Research and Development department of POLYHEALTH.

The production process does not use any organic solvents or other hazardous materials but only clean drinking water and implements an environmentally friendly operation, having adopted the EU Directive on the Principle of Total Discharge.

The product is produced in powder form which is stable and safe without the need for any preservative addition.

In addition, a unique Ortal technique is applied during the manufacture of MEDOLIVA PLUS which achieves the reduction of the size of soluble solids to "Small-sizes", thus guaranteeing high antioxidant activity and improved functionality, a key feature of Microtechnology products.

The product has many useful applications in food and cosmetics etc.

The technical characteristics of the product are summarized below:


MEDOLIVA PLUS is a natural extract of olive and citrus polyphenols / lemon fruit juice encapsulated in maltodextrin or other similar food-grade encapsulation agent, via cryogenic. For its extraction and drying, only pure water is used for this and it is a completely green product without the use of chemical solvents, thus ensuring its optimal bio-functionality and high antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. The product contains hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, anthocyanins, catechins, natural antioxidant olive polysaccharides and citrus / lemon polysaccharides. Microencapsulation of the product by lyophilization provides improvement in taste and color, resistance to high temperatures, and gradual release of polyphenols.

Physicochemical Characteristics:

Appearance light beige powder
Odor (encapsulated product) Very light olive odor
Taste (encapsulated product) Slightly bitter
Density ≈500 g/l
Solubility in water at 20°C Instantly soluble
pH (in 10% w / w solution) 3,5±0,1
Antioxidant power (DPPHIC50 method) ≤400 ppm

Chemical composition:

Olive fruit extract, citrus extract, maltodextrin (DE 18).



Applications: MEDOLIVA PLUS (