R & D


The company since its foundation is based on the adoption of an innovative strategy in terms of its development which has two pillars:

  • (a) investments in state - of - the - art technologies with a competitive advantage;
  • (b) internal Research and Development Department that has highly qualified scientific staff. The department is committed to develop new products and to be updated to new technologies in the field of natural products, antioxidants and antimicrobials.

The Department of research and development has fundamentally developed the know-how regarding the products of POLYHEALTH. On a continuous basis, this department runs research programs for new products and promotes collaborations with academic research organisations for combined development. Provides relevant research contracts and ensures cutting-edge know-how for companies, giving a competitive advantage and marketing value.

This department also supports the technological development of the company and the subcontracting applications for its customers based on contract manufacturing production.